Monday, October 24, 2011

"Monster Ballads" the Album

You know how they have "Monster Ballads" albums and they are full of songs by the likes of Winger, Warrant, and Whitesnake? Well, a man named Phil said he wished it was full of songs about monsters like Dracula and Wolfman instead. We all said, "Great idea, Phil," then made this.

Track Listing:
1.   Swamp Heart - The Lagoons
2.   Wolfie - Hard Barfer
3.   AstroZombies - The Howdies
4.   Wolfman's Pretty Cool - Moriarties
5.   The Twitch - The Coffin Jockeys
6.   Seth Brundle - Chores
7.   I'm a Monster, Baby. Deal With It - Dorian Phibian
8.   Looks, Brains, and Everything - Dungeon Man
9.   The Dracula Tiger - Hard Barfer
10.  Silver Stake - PVP
11.  Blanket for the End Times (For Dracula) - Philippe Landry

Listen and download here:

Monster Ballads by MonsterBallads

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  1. This was great to listen to while I was working in the lab late one night.