Sunday, October 25, 2015

Monster Ballads V

Reviews have been pouring in from all over the monster world for Monster Ballads V!

"Me like good songs monsters ha ha life make no sense why me here me shouldn't exist." -Frankenstein's Monster

"Did I listen to it yet? I can't seem to remember. I have my head phones on and I'm in a great mood, so I must have. It's hazy, though. Hey, where is that gravedigger I was chatting with a minute ago?" - Wolf Man

"I love playing Monster Ballads for the gals I kidnap!" - Phantom of the Opera, Creature from the Black Lagoon, King Kong, Robot Monster, assorted Martians, and many, many more.

"Yeah, yeah, that sounds good. Hey, look over there! What?! I wasn't lunging at your neck! You're paranoid! What could I get from your neck anyway?! All you've got in that dumb ol' neck is a bunch of blood! A bunch of...wonderful...warm, deliciousAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHaaaaaaaaaaaa oh, dammit, sorry. What were we talking about anyway? Oh yeah, Monster Ballads 5. Yeah, sure, it's good. Whatever." - Dracula

"No comment" -The Blob

Track Listing:
1.   The Lonely Ballad of the Likeness Monster - Patrick Gibbens & The River Styx (But Not The Band Styx)
2.   The Blob - Hard Barfer
3.   Fatal Flower Garden - Probably a Ghost
4.   Caveman Fight, Caveman Win - Darby B. Clarke
5.   The Hitchhiker - Sheeby and Groofy
6.   Pizza Party of Terror - The Big Cats
7.   Drag Me to Hell - The Jack Torrance Five
8.   Shout at the Devil - Lipperskip
9.   Monsters of Blow - Psychic Privates
10. A Grin Without a Face - Wet He-People (feat. Stuart Welch)
11. Halloween Tonight- The Moriarties